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 "Type, Soundness, Temperament."

     Jack takes a Group 1 and Group 3 In New Mexico!

Welcome to Gothic Mastiffs!
Located in Mesa, Arizona
Raising, showing, and producing sound, typey mastiffs.

Lisa Eddy- member Mastiff Club of America
and Pacific Southwest Mastiff Club

Gothic Mastiffs is committed to raising, showing, and producing excellent mastiffs with classic and correct conformation as well as friendly and outgoing temperaments.

We Believe Our mastiffs represent the breed standard very well ,
and we welcome you to Our website.

We have been involved in Mastiffs since 1996, when we acquired our first mastiff, since then we have chosen our mastiffs carefully, emphasizing correct structure, optimal health, and pleasant temperament.

E-Mail Lisa for any questions
         or call 480-730-0247
               Click a link below to see some of Our Dog

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