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We at GOTHIC Mastiffs would like to thank several fabulous people and dogs for helping us achieve and actually live our dreams!! Without each and every one of you, we would not be where we are now, and we sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

  • First and foremost, RYAN BUZARD, who provides more to us than merely expert and careful handling services. Ryan pours her heart and soul into every dog she works with, whether it's in the best in show ring in front of hundreds of people, or in the backyard during an informal practice session. Watching Ryan and Jack show is a delightful treat, and I've been told by people from many different breeds, including sporting as well as toy breeds, that they make a special effort to watch Ryan and Jack in the ring together. In the few short months that they have worked together, Jack and Ryan have developed an exceptionally strong bond and it is obvious from watching them that Jack and Ryan adore each other. In addition to Jack, Ryan shows the puppies, TommyLee and Jill Bean, very well and they are sometimes challenging to show!! Ryan is a true professional, however, and effortlessly adapts herself and her ring techniques to changing and challenging circumstances such as tired puppies, hot weather, long and difficult drives, and fast food. During the last 14 shows in which she's shown Jack, Ryan's incredible record speaks for itself: 2 Group Placements, including a Group 1 and a Group 3, 11 Best of Breeds, and 3 Best of Opposite Sex!! The judges are certainly saying "YES JACK!"
  • Additionally, Phyllis Scalf and Robert Churchey of RUYA, who provide us with so much more than transportation services to the GOTHIC dogs. Phyllis and Robert provide the much-needed moral support, hugs, food, water, chairs, extra hands to hold dogs, and they oftentimes take our dogs into the show ring when needed. Whether we win or lose, Phyllis and Robert are there to help, keep our spirits high, help us maintain our dogs in the best possible fashion, and provide whatever they can to keep us going. During our recent trips to Riverside, Alamagordo, and Albuquerque, they were with us every mile of the way, and for that we thank them more than words can ever say. We had so much fun going shopping, out to eat, talking, and even driving!! We are privileged to work with people of such integrity, and look forward to many more shows and time spent with them.
  • It goes without saying that George and Claudia Salinger of Erieside Mastiffs and Angel Velez of Templar Mastiffs deserve a tremendous amount of  thanks and gratitude for producing and placing such an incredible dog with us. It took me several years before Jack came to me, but he was worth every minute of the wait, and he continues to get better each day. I have the utmost respect and admiration for George, Claudia, and Angel, and we are very proud to be part of their dog-families. We at GOTHIC strive to make our breeders proud, and we also think of Jack's absolutely stunning sire, CH Greco's Titan I Did It My Way, and his phenomenally beautiful dam Pallone's Sweet and Sassy Hazel often and know that they are smiling down on Jack and their other kids as they watch from the Rainbow Bridge.
  • We also thank Allison Bauer of DesertKnight Mastiffs for producing and maintaining our exceptional website, and for being such a terrific friend and confidante. Without Allison's technical skills, we would probably still be in the dark ages without Internet or email knowledge, and we certainly would not have our beautiful dogs online for the world to see. Allison has tirelessly maintained our website and added updates and pictures regularly, and for that, we thank her. Allison also shows Jack's son, Farley, wonderfully herself from the bred-by-exhibitor class, and has won a major win with him at only his second show!! Jack and everybody at GOTHIC is extremely proud of Allison and Farley, and appreciates Farley's mannerisms and traits which are so similar to Jack.
  • Last, but absolutely not the least, we thank our gorgeous and energetic JACKPUP, CH ERIESIDE GOTHIC YES JACK!!!!! It is hard to imagine where we were just 2 and a half short years ago before Jack came to us...Life with Jack is certainly interesting, and we are cherishing every moment we have with him--actually, he makes sure that you notice and give attention to him. I don't know when Jack actually sleeps, he has the highest energy level of any mastiff I've known, and he lives every moment to the absolute fullest. Jack doesn't walk over to people, he BOUNDS over to them to give kisses and make eye contact. To live life Jack's way is to make the most of every day, whether it's visiting with his kids, playing with his mom or his special friend Ryan, or snuggling on the couch with his grandma and special girl Shelby. Jack is a stunning mastiff, both inside as well as out, and I know how extremely fortunate I am to have him as a part of my life. We wouldn't be giving Jack all of the credit he deserves if we didn't mention how much Jack LOVES TO SHOW!!! I remember almost 2 years ago when Jack's former handler, Richard Mysliwiec, SR said " THAT'S a SHOWDOG!!!", when describing Jack. He recognized early on that Jack was a most unusual mastiff in that he loved to show and have people watch him. In fact, at a Petsmart Halloween Party a couple of weeks ago, Jack heard people hooting and hollering for the costume contest winners, and I swear, he thought he was going to be going in the ring--he got all excited, shook his head, and was ready to show!!